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Things That Can Get You Fired During Your First Week

JKCareer 10 August, 2022

All jobs have rules and regulations regarding worker conduct and the consequences of such conduct. Some of them have a separate list of actions and behaviors that warrant immediate termination. These are three things that could get you fired during your first week of work if they occur:

Violence or Profanity

One thing that can warrant immediate termination is any act of violence. Your employer will let you go if you threaten or harm a customer or coworker, even if the other person is at fault. Additionally, you may be banned from the institution altogether.

Using profane language is against most company policies as well. Therefore, your employer may let you go if you use it at any time. It's permissible even to let you go the first time you say a profane word where customers and coworkers can hear you.

Calling Out

You may lose your job if you call out during your first week of employment. However, employers do understand that things can happen to people sometimes. They may excuse your absence if you bring proof of the incident, such as a repair bill or doctor's note. You will need to submit your documentation immediately upon returning, and apologize for the inconvenience. They may give you a pass the first time.

Time Stealing

Any violation of timekeeping could be a reason for your immediate termination. An example of stealing time is allowing another employee to clock in for you when you aren't there or using an app to clock in when you are nowhere near the work site. Some employers even consider this action theft and consider contacting the authorities on individuals who engage in it.

Those are just a few reasons your employer may terminate you. Be sure to ask for a full list of firable offenses, so you'll know what's prohibited.