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How Many Times Can You Return To the Same Employer?

JKCareer 17 May, 2022

At some point, you might have to decide whether to return to a former employer again. Maybe you signed up with them as a temp and want to come back for service. Perhaps you resigned or received a termination notice. You may wonder how many times you can return, and the answer is that it depends on these factors:

Your Reason for Separation

Whether you can return to a former employer has a lot to do with why you left. Sometimes the time isn't right to work a certain job, and you can go back if you resigned appropriately. The decision would fall on human resources if you got fired, though. It's not likely that you can return if you participated in any misconduct, thievery, or another severe breach of trust. You may be eligible for rehire if you lost your job for poor attendance or got laid off because of outside circumstances, though.

How You Feel About Your Time There

There should be no reason you can't return if you had a pleasant time there. On the other hand, you'll need to consider whether you can stomach a job where you experienced something negative. You must ask yourself whether it's likely the situation has changed and if you can handle it if it hasn't.

What You Both Can Offer

A comeback may be awesome for you and your employer if you've both grown since the separation. The company may have changed some policies, and you might have learned how valuable jobs are these days. Perhaps you and the employer can appreciate each other and work together to serve the collective customers effectively.

Ultimately, you can return to a former employer numerous times if no bad blood exists there, and they are willing to take you on again. However, you might want to rethink it if a serious issue caused you to leave the first few times. It will help if you take a little time to ponder the whole picture and talk to the hiring manager or HR first.