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Are You Using the Most Effective Keywords for Your Job Search?

JKCareer 21 March, 2022

Keywords. They’re everywhere. Unfortunately, they can be a bit confusing. Especially when it comes to perfecting your job search so that you’re minimizing your time and maximizing your effect. Learning to choose the right keywords when searching for a job can save you countless hours of sifting through irrelevant jobs to your career goals.

Even better, using the right keywords in your online resumes can have employers seeking your talents come to you. But how can you tell which keywords will be the most effective for your job search? Here’s what you need to know.

Career-Specific Endorsements, Certifications, Affiliations, and Honorariums

If you have them, it is important not only to include them in your resume but also to use them in your job search. This will help to narrow your search to positions that are seeking people with your specific skills and who are seeking employees who excel in their careers. It’s usually a good sign that this is an organization invested in the future and poised for growth. Additionally, if you don’t have these certifications and endorsements, now may be an excellent time to seek them out and beef up your resume a bit.

Location, Location, Location

While not as important as in years past, with the prevalence of telecommuting in professional positions, using your location, or the location where you’d like to work in your job search can help eliminate positions that will not work for you – especially if telecommuting is not an option for a specific role or organization.

Finally, don’t hesitate to be a little redundant in your use of keywords. For instance, if you have a professional certification, it is often best to work both the full term for the certification as well as the abbreviated version of the term into your resume for best results in keyword match-ups. Look for other ways to maximize keywords in your job search, and you’ll have more opportunities in your future.