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4 Jobs Where You Can Bring Your Dog to Work

JKCareer 17 February, 2022

As a loving dog owner, you know how much your furry companion misses you all day when you’re at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to leave Fido at home? Following are jobs where you can bring your dog to work whenever you want!

1. Dog Walker

As a dog walker, it’s your duty to bring busy people’s dogs for their daily jaunt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own dog along for the fun. This is a job where you can be with your best friend all day long!

2. Freelancer

When you work for yourself, you can pretty much do whatever you want, including bringing your dog to work. Of course, your work may be in your home office; but even if you have to go meet clients, you can bring your dog along in the car or even to your meeting, providing the client doesn’t mind!

3. Delivery Driver

If you get a job making deliveries all day in your car or truck, you can bring your dog along as a companion if you want. Since you’re in your own vehicle, there’s no one who can object to your dog occupying one of the seats! In some cases, you may even be able to bring your dog if you work as a delivery driver for a company such as UPS, but you would need permission, first.

4. Pet Store Clerk

Depending upon the store, you may be permitted to bring your dog to work at a pet store. Places like this might enjoy the benefit of having a dog on-site to help lure customers into the store. Just don’t expect them to pay your dog, no matter how cute he is!

If you really can’t bear to be separated from your dog all day, there are ways to make it work. These are some ideas, but you can also just ask your current boss for permission. You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer!