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3 Good Career Options For Bookworms

JKCareer 19 April, 2022

When you can find career opportunities that also bring together things you already love doing, you can truly land the perfect job. Let's look at a few careers that are perfect for people who love to read.

Book Store Associate

If you love hanging out in bookstores, why not get paid to do so? Working in a bookstore brings together all the many things you already love. Bookstore associates assist customers with picking out their next great read. They organize store displays for special events and holidays as well as stock inventory. In some cases, bookstore associates can also help plan special events for the store such as book signings, special literary events, and more.

Librarian Assistant

Libraries are a safe haven for bookworms. Becoming a librarian's assistant is not as hard as you may think. In most areas, librarian assistants only need a high school diploma to get their foot in the door. Once you become a librarian assistant, you can continue your education to become a librarian later on if you wish.

Librarians and their assistants work to make sure the library runs smoothly each day. They keep resources organized and help patrons find resources they are in need of. Librarians and assistants also work to organize special events at the library to encourage community engagement.


Another great job for bookworms is proofreading. Proofreading is an important part of the editorial process that books, magazines, and even online content must go through in order to be perfected for publication. Proofreaders spend time reading through content, checking it for errors, and making notes for the editorial team for corrections.

If you are a bookworm, there are plenty of career opportunities that bring together your love of books with your desire to make an income.